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Adrese: Kolkas rags, Kolka, Kolkas pagasts, Dundagas novads, LV-3275    Rezervācija: +371 28368830, +371 26322972


Barrel-shaped hut camping right at the coast of cape Kolka

Cape Kolka is the place where the Two seas meet. This is where Rīga bay waters meet waters of the Baltic sea. Wave meets wave. People meet people. This is the land of tough Livs, called Liv coast and it can be felt in the winds that blow into the old, stubborn pines that have won the battle of survival with nature and still grow in the dunes of cape Kolka.

Everyone who has visited the cape has to admit that this place is magical! And even the Sun knows it – cape Kolka is one of the rare places in Latvia where both sunrises and sunsets can be seen in the sea.


Experience romantic moments in the Houses of the Sun that are located right at the coast of cape Kolka!


The cabins are nice and cosy, round and sweet just like the Sun. Pure nature, the sound of the vawes, fresh air – what else to ask for?

It is worth experincing it in real life! Come and enjoy it by yourselves!

Welcome to the Houses of the Sun!