Saules majas

Adrese: Kolkas rags, Kolka, Kolkas pagasts, Dundagas novads, LV-3275    Rezervācija: +371 28368830, +371 26322972

What we offer

We offer you to stay overnight in our barrel – shaped wooden cabins right at the coast of cape Kolka in the pine dunes.

The cabin is seperated into two parts. When you enter the cabin, there are two seats with a small table. Forwards there is a bed for two persons with a view to the sea. The window has a visibility just from one side. The window is made as a „mirror” from outside and as a window from inside. It means that you can easily see the sea, stars, lighthouse and ships from inside the cabin but other cape guests can not see inside of the cabin from outside. All that can be seen from outside is just a reflection. Check more in the gallery. (Will be added soon).

The offer includes WC.
Parking is included in the price.
Breakfast is not included.

The guests arrive from 16:00 till 21:00 and in the next day leave until 12:00 and return cabin key to the hosts or leave it in Kolka visitor center.


Price: EUR 50.00 per cabin (1 night)



Additional extras in cape Kolka:
Visitor center (tourism information, souvenirs, refreshments and hot drinks, WC and shower, free WI-Fi);
Season cafe;
Sauna in cape Kolka.


How to make the payment:

Call us (+371 28 368 830 or +371 26 322 972), e-mail us ( or meet us in person and make a reservation for the date (dates) you have chosen.
When it is done, we will send you an invoice for full price to your e-mail or give you it in person.


You can make the payment in two ways:

  1. Pay cash only when you arrive to the camping. We have to mention that unfortunately it is not possible to pay by card and there is no ATM in Kolka.
  2. Make a bank payment mentioning the invoice number in payment details. Requisite information here. When the payment is received, we inform the client and send a confirmation e-mail.
  • The bank payment needs to be received until the arriving day. If the payment about the accommodation has not been received, the guests have to pay cash when they arrive to the camping. If in such a situation the guests do not pay cash, the accommodation is cancelled and Houses of the Sun keep the right to charge half of the price.
  • If the reservation is cancelled 30 or less days before the arriving date, the Houses of the Sun keep the right to charge half of the price.


Useful information about the stay in camping Saulesmājas

The check in is as it follows:

  • If the guests are arriving from Rīga direction, first they enter village Kolka and they need to drive through it until it ends and keep driving about 1 more kilometer. By following the signs at the traffic circle the guests turn to the right to cape Kolka (Kolkasrags) and enter cape Kolka parking lot with a Visitor center (The Information center) which is about 200 m away from the camping.
  • If the guests are arriving from Ventspils direction, then by following the signs at the traffic circle the guests go straight to cape Kolka (Kolkasrags) and enter cape Kolka parking lot with a Visitor center (The Information center) which is about 200 m away from the camping.

The Visitor center staff is informed about the arrival of the camping guests and they can get the keys and all the needed information there.

The guests can leave the car next to the camping houses.

The check-in is from 16:00-21:00 and the check-out is until 12:00.

If there is more information needed or in any other case guests can call +371 28368830 or +371 26322972 at any time.


Important information about the stay in the houses and the circumstances in the cabins:

There is no electricity and heating system available in the cabin houses. There is just a candle light and pure romantic inside the houses. Please be very careful with the candles and fire!

It can be possible to use electric outlet/socket in the Visitor center.

There is free Wi-Fi in the Visitor center available (ask for the Wi-Fi password at the Visitor center staff).

All the bed linen is included. The towels are not included. The shower is in the Visitor center and it costs 3 euros per person.

The toilet facilities are outside the cabin houses – there is one toilet for all the camping guests and is locked for other cape Kolka tourists. The toilet is being cleaned every day.

It is possible to rent a small barbecue/grill. It costs 3 euros. Ask more at the visitor center.

It is not allowed to smoke inside the camping houses. Pets are not allowed in the camping houses.

There is a summer cafe Divjūriņas next to the Visitor center. There is another cafe in hotel Zītari in village Kolka (about 2.5 km from the camping). There are 2 grocery stores in village Kolka (2 grocery stores “Top”). They are open until 22:00. There is a petrol/gas station in cape Kolka.

There is no ATM in village Kolka.